How to Clean Earrings – Sterilizing at Home

Earrings are more likely to fade or damage because they are exposed to more dust and grime – dust particle remains inside for extended period necessitating the need for sterilizing.

I believe not precious, yet every jewel item deserves to be taken care of before it begins to look dirty due to those harbouring bacteria.  Apart from sure-fire tips of taking care of the Jewellery like keeping it away from chemicals, be mindful of storing Jewellery and being careful with light and heat. There are some specialized methods dedicated to cleaning earrings to improve longevity and maintain proper hygiene.

how to clean earings
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Safely store your Jewellery

Jewellery storage solutions are overlooked, and we inadvertently toss them into a drawer or put it in a dresser. Most Jewellery comes in a box or pouch, which is the perfect place to store them after use.

Sterling silver, however, should always be kept in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth. You can also buy some jewellery boxes exclusively designed for earrings, rings, necklace etc.

First Things First

Before you head into the sterilizing process, be sure to check for these steps.

  • Check what material your earrings are made of and select a method of cleaning accordingly.
  • Be more cautious while cleaning pearls as they are more delicate. You can wipe the dirt off with a mild soap solution.
  • Consider using saltwater on the fresh piercing.
  • Do not rinse the precious earrings over an open plughole.
  • Pay more attention to the part that passes through the ear.
  • If your earrings are precious and difficult to clean, take them to a jeweller’s shop for a thorough and professional cleaning.

Submerge in water

Since earrings are trickier to clean therefore the best way is to boil some water put them in a mug, and soak your earrings for about 20 minutes – scrub it now with the toothbrush; the method will help you out in wiping off some visible dust.

Dazzle diamonds with dish soap

Diamonds are precious therefore need special treatment during the cleaning process. Be aware of never using any local chemical or method that can result in the decolouration. The best way is to get some water, put 3 to 4 drops of dish soap, mix it, and then put the diamond earrings for 4-5 minutes; clean it thoroughly with a toothbrush! And boom, here comes the sparkling earrings!

Silver Cleaning Wipes

Since sterling silver is sensitive to both water and oxygen, you should avoid spreys and perfume near them beforehand. But if the silver Jewellery or earrings get damaged, the best way is to buy silver cleaning wipes that help your earrings return to their state and lustrous shine.

Get ready-made jewellery cleaning products

There are widely available ready-made solutions that help you out in regular earring cleaning ritual. Hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohols are so far excellent disinfectants. Be sure to use gloves, and when you use hydrogen peroxide, the concentration should not exceed 3-6% – concentration more than this can be threatening and fatal if swallowed. To get started, put hydrogen peroxide in the bottom of a glass, submerge the earrings and leave it for some minutes. Now, take out the jewel, wipe them down with a cotton pad or microfibre cloth and rinse it with lukewarm water. Alternatively, if your earrings are likely to get damaged by rubbing the hydrogen peroxide solution, grab a heat-resistant container, boil water and soak the earrings for 20 minutes.

Disinfect Earings Without Removing

Just had your ears pierced and need to leave the earrings until the piercing is completely healed – in this case, you need to disinfect it without removing them from your ear. How? Let us illustrate!

  • Wash your hands thoroughly to begin the process.
  • Dissolve ¼ tsp of salt in water.
  • Dip a cloth and start cleaning both earrings and earlobes around the piercing.


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