Turn Your Spotify Plays Into Receipts With This Ingenious Website

Spotify Wrapped Day could arguably be considered the most exciting day on social media, at least for Spotify users (Apple Music users might not share the same sentiment). It’s a day when you not only get to flaunt your music stats but also get a glimpse into others’ playlists. The excitement is tangible as everyone from your long-lost school pals to high-profile celebrities participate. But what about the rest of the year? Those 364 days spent eagerly waiting for the next annual music extravaganza? That’s where the innovative Spotify Receiptify tool comes in, offering a fun, year-round peek at what people are jamming to.

If you’re unfamiliar, Receiptify is a tool that transforms your most-played Spotify tracks into a digital receipt, giving you the chance to show off your top tunes anytime, not just at the end of the year. Just so you know, Receiptify is not a native Spotify feature but is hosted on a third-party app called Herokuapp. Despite this, you need not worry about manually inputting each song to generate your unique digital receipt. Receiptify does the heavy lifting, creating a personalized receipt based on your stats, showcasing your most played artists, all-time favorites, and more. Plus, it’s not just for Spotify users – Last.fm users can get in on the action too.
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If you’re itching to share your top tunes as if it’s Spotify Wrapped Day, here’s a step-by-step guide on using Receiptify.

How to Utilize Receiptify (to make spotify Receipts)

To begin, launch the Receiptify app and sign into your account by selecting the “Log in with Spotify” choice. You’ll be directed to the Spotify landing page, where you can sign in using Google, Facebook, or Apple account credentials, or your Spotify email or username and password. Click “Agree” to let the app access your Spotify data.

Once inside, you can tailor your “receipt” based on various options – Top Tracks, Top Artists, Last Month, Last Six Months, or All Time listening stats. It’s swift and seamless, and you can toggle between the options to view your stats in receipt format.

When you’re ready to share your musical ‘shopping list’ with your followers, simply hit the “Download Image” button. You can choose to share it publicly on your Stories or keep it among your Close Friends. It’s as easy as that. Now, who said Spotify Wrapped Day had to be an annual event?

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