Top KissCartoon alternatives, Are they Safe To Stream?

Kisscartoon was a platform that allowed millions of people out there to watch free cartoons and anime movies. Want to know KissCartoon alternatives? And how these substitute platforms work and is it legal to watch your favorite cartoons show on them?. If all these questions are popping into your head! Stay adhered to today’s blog as we are going to bring informational ideas for you to quench your thirst for the best cartoon shows.

Cartoons are fun to see and kids like them to watch all day long because they are funny and not dull. Parents can’t forbid children from watching cartoons even sometimes adults can’t resist watching meaningful and visually stunning animated movies with their children. However, watching all your favorite cartoons free seems unrealistic to some people.

What is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is the hub for a plethora of US cartoons, movies, and some evergreen animated shows and films. The content appeals to everyone; for children, it is a great medium to watch their favorite animated shows whereas for parents it has meaningful stuff to watch. The website is responsive hence can be accessed from all devices; from mobiles to computers, laptops and tablets. Unfortunately, KissCartoon is no longer available, the sites currently available with the same domain are either clone or not functional.

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Is KissCartoon legal?

No seller likes to sell their content for free and KissCartoon hosts pirated anime which is totally illegal for any website to do. The owner of the site does not have a legal right to transmit the data he/she distributes. The reason for sudden shut down is also due to the fact that these sites get banned by the cyber cells and remain no longer accessible.

Kisscartoons Alternatives

Here you go with the legit sites that work best as KissCartoon alternatives. Explore any of the given sites for the smooth streaming experience of your favorite cartoon shows.



Crunchyroll is an excellent option for smooth streaming and allows you to download your favorite episodes. It is considered one of the reliable options for cartoon needs. The free version is good for the seamless watching experience; however, you can try out the premium version for improved quality and undisturbed experience. The best part is; users can have the best streaming experience all the time, without any interruptions. The free membership is what distinguishes the Crunchyroll from all the alternatives.

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You can say it one of the best alternatives to KissCartoon with one drawback to not putting the content other than anime. But it works like heaven for the anime lover as they can watch almost all their favorite shows without any interruption. The website is functional yet has less traffic since it only plays animated content for the children.


Hulu is one of the legal and one of the best KissCartoon alternatives. People who have subscribed to the services find it a perfect platform that worths the money. The quality and content available make it on demand and great services to rely on. Some users even prefer Hulu over Netflix due to cheap packages and great plans.

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How relaxing it feels when you unwind in a couch and watch the favorite anime series! Kissanime is another popular website that allows you to watch a favourite anime show anytime. As per the statistics, more than 25 million people have visited the traffic whereas the traffic is mainly from the united states. Since the platform allows you to watch all old and present anime so people can’t resist relying on Kissanime for all their cartoon needs. The best part is there won’t be any unnecessary ads. However, you can get confused when you first stream the website.



Watchcartoononline is an evergreen KissCartoon alternative. The layout is simpler and easy to navigate even children can play their best-liked shows easily. The platform does not show you unnecessary ads. When you land the homepage, you can find the latest titles with the tag of the genre on the thumbnail. The best part is, you won’t have to worry about the server downtime as it always up for the cartoon enthusiasts.

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Kimcartoon is somehow looking alike of KissCartoon and users who are a fan of KissCartoon can find the Kimcartoon an excellent option for cartoon streaming. However, when it comes to functionality, it gives a decent support and works excellent as KissCartoon alternatives.



Seeziskids serves an excellent medium for a cartoon for the kiddos. It is specially designed for babies and does not include any adult jokes. The video content encompasses of kid’s poems and tales. Parents find it safe for the children. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the offensive ads and it is also supported by almost every operating system including android, mac, and windows.

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