Want to chat and communicate in real time of enjoying with your gaming partners? Discord bots is the best available option in the house. It is a pair of programs specially developed to let players enjoy chat and communication while playing the games. Pokecord allows you to grab, train, and struggle with your Pokemon’s for your friends and gaming partners.

Capturing, instructing, and battling Pokemon to raise your collection is possible only if you know the Pokecord commands.

When any random pokemon looks in your gaming in your server, it is possible to instruct, grab, and battle to get your degrees. Pokecord is a super fun Discord bot that enables you to train, grab, and battle pokemon.

Pokemon image is screened but it’s name remain hidden. Whoever responds the right name first will get it.

So, what are the Pokecord commands and how to utilize them?

It is default to have “p!” in front of your command and it totally depends on your server. Some servers may have different starts but I will be using it because it is the most common.

Any command referencing something in angle brackets (< >), means you need to replace it with what is listed between them.

Here are some of the important Pokecord commands,

p!start    It will enter you into the game and you must use this command before you catch any Pokemon

p!pick     By this command you will be asked to pick a starter Pokemon

p!help    Here you will find a series of options where you find more information

P!catch  Here you get pokemons with a right title to capture them whenever a crazy Pokemon spawns facing you through pokecord

P! info   Enables you to control can display the info regarding the Pokemon connected to a chosen number

P!pokemon  Lets you control would display a comprehensive list of your Pokemons that you’ve got

P!hint   Here you can reveal some hint points into this Pokemon that is presently recorded before you to receive them on your pokeballs

P!select   This command lets users pick Pokemon to make sure what Pokemon would get XP via communication, and that would struggle with the competitor pokemon

P!info newest  by This control you can get the advice of the most recent Pokemon captured by you.

P!bal This command indicates the number of credits you might have

 P!market hunt  Will Display the page of this Marketplace.

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