It’s been months since Pop Smoke’s death and just over a year since his first single ‘Meet the Woo’ appeared on the sky of beats. “Welcome to the Party” is irresistibly incredible music for being the first single debut. Party is got electrified with even more irresistible “Dior.” Now, Pop Smoke’s albums 2020 happens to be his first and final works. These beats joint together with the US rapper’s voice magic proves a healthy addition to the music world.

No doubt, Pop Smoke has presented fans and rap enthusiasts a special gift in the form of a posthumous album ‘Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon.’ Pop Smoke’s album 2020 released on Friday and it takes just one listening to fall in love with it.

The 21-years-old Malluchi Boateng listened to Pop Smokes’s music last year and fell in love with it. Listening to the rapper’s posthumous music he says, “I will honestly play this album to my future children. It’s incredible.”

Pop Smoke aka Bashar Barakah Jackson

Pop Smoke having birth name Bashar Barakah Jackson was just 20 years old when last year he was shot and killed in a home invasion in Feb. His genuine music and incredible rap have already proved them wrong.

Clearly, Pop Smoke was destined for great achievements. Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon, his debut and posthumous album glimpses the unlimited and infinite. It releases as a tribute and a sendoff.

Pop Smoke’s Posthumous Album 2020

“Aim for the Moon” and “44 Bulldog,” are the music on the list that made him so beloved. The former glimpses the account of successes he was setting foot on to and the latter mirrors earliest releases.

Throughout Pop Smoke’s album 2020, the US rapper is continuously finding the ways of great Pop music. He experimented with his vocal card to create incredible music. He sometimes looks as if he is singing along with the rap.

Pop Smoke has already released an album in 2019 and set his feet firm on Hip Hop. 50 Cent has co-signed him. He was signed for the classic 50 Cent song Many Men, from 50’s own debut album. 50 Cent has also produced the posthumous album.

With just 14 months of his career, Pop smoke has achieved a lot. It can be guessed that he was destined for great things. He receives this love because he proves a bridge between the US and UK music. Pop Smoke had set up a trust before his death.

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