Bedbug Registry: How do you know if they are in the hotel?


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Bed bug has been a nuisance for homes, hotel, threatens and hospitals. However, a reliable neutral platform, namely Bedbug registry, was a great initiative. It helped people to figure out whether the hotel they are about to book has redbug or not. Since early 2016, it seemed that red bug registry has not registered a new report. It may mean the site that used to be an excellent source of information for mapping redbugs at a hotel, is no more active.

What is an up-to-date alternative to redbug registry?

Now the question that may start popping into your head is what is the new alternative to redbug registry? bedbug reports are an alternate platform to report redbug reports of hotels. You can conveniently search by state and city to find out whether it has redbugs encounters in the past. Moreover, you can file the report in case you have faced redbug there.

What was the bedbug registry:

bedbug registry was founded in 2006 and has registered more than 20,000 reports covering twelve hundred locations. It is a database of users submitted redbug reports all across Canada and the United States to give travellers an opportunity to freely report their encounters with redbug.

bedbug registry
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Bed bugs are the stubborn little creature that is hard to get rid of. Cleanliness of a room, hospital, theatre, or dorm does not determine whether they exist or not. Unless the best pesticide becomes available, avoiding the bed bug encounter through a free platform – red bug registry was the way to stay safe.

What happens if a bed bug bites you?

Although the size of Bedbug is tiny, their bite is still a powerful punch. Due to their minimal size, you would hardly notice them on your skin. Whenever a chigger bites, the body responds by hardening skin cells and appear reddish and feels extremely itchy

What was the red bug registry
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They are can quickly attach to your skin when you walk by their habitat. Their habitat is tall weeds or grass but can resist anywhere unless the temperature falls below 6˚C. Chiggers have chaws to grab onto the skin. Many people complain that their skin started feeling itchy after some hours of bite.

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Wrapping up

Bed bugs cannot be killed easily because they keep themselves hidden and are difficult to spot. However, if you discover redbug in your hotel room, ask for a transfer if not available, then consider leaving the hotel immediately. Whenever you report redbug encounter, you favor other hundreds of travelers. We recommend you to report them to hotel management, redbug report or on trip advisor.