Let’s set intentions, not goals this time, practice gratitude, and think small but consistent to move towards good in life and sweep out bad vibes in life. As we roll into the New Year, it is a perfect opportunity for every griever to exclude the sorrowful moments and sadness from life by inking a semicolon tattoo that is synonymous with peace and optimism. Late Amy Buel initiated the project semicolon for the prevention of physical harm and suicide, that reinforces the idea about the continuity of life, and one should be daring enough to go along with all the stumbling block bravely and courageously. So, before the commencement of the year, without being delayed, you should determine enough to head start a journey for the prosperous and happier life.

What does a Semicolon tattoo mean?

Semicolon’s tattoo’s meaning is to restore hope in people who are troubled by self-harm, depression, mental illness, and suicide. It represents the difficulties we are facing in our lives are not permanent but a new beginning. It is also referred to as mental health symbol or suicide prevention tattoo. Getting a semicolon tattoo meaning you are ready to open up a dialogue about your mental health and struggle. The meaning of semicolon tattoo is also a salient fight.

What does a semicolon mean?

Semicolon meaning and definition in English is to join two sentences together that are related and can result in a more interesting and engaging sentence or can also join forces with a transition. However, one thing needs to be ensured that only related things should be joined. On the other hand semicolon tattoo meaning, is to bring back positivity as this is the mental illness symbol and show that the wearer is ready to discuss the hardship he faced in his life and how he or she copped with it, the impact of the tattoo on their life.

Initiation of Amy Buel’s Semicolon Project

There is no denying that semicolon tattoos ooze positivity and like anything else in the world, semicolon tattoos do have a story that is meant to be told and shared. The question of what is the meaning of a semicolon tattoo is making waves across the internet for quite some time. The concept of semicolon emerged when Any Buel shared her story

“From even a young age, I learned how to endure and to fight. At the age of 6, two years after my parents divorced, I chose to go live with my father and his new wife. Living with my father was great until my stepmother began abusing me physically, mentally, and even emotionally. I endured her abuse until I was taken from my father and put into state custody. I remained there while I waited for my mother to come for me. This happened at the age of 8, marking the start of my journey into “the system.

She has gone through many hardships in life and was raped when she was thirteen and then held responsible for the crime she never committed. She was heavily medicated with drugs and went into severe depression and self-injuring behavior. She was at a low point but the incident that tragically changed her life was when Amy lost her father to suicide. At that point, she decided to honor her father and raise awareness of mental health issues. She founded a semicolon project that had a purpose to restore hope in people who are the victim of depression, anxiety, self-harm, or even at the edge of suicidal attempts. The organization encourages people to get semicolon tattoos on their wrists and open up a dialogue about their mental health.

What does it mean to have a semicolon on your Wrist?

Amy’s semicolon project encouraged people to have a semicolon on the wrist to show that they are mentally prepared to open up a discussion about their mental health. Semicolon on the finger or anywhere else in the body also portrays the same meaning.

Why inking a semicolon tattoo on Christmas

Christmas is an annual event, celebrated every year on the 25th December, monumentalizing the birth of Jesus Christ. Celebrating it with full zeal and enthusiasm is what is justifying the auspicious occasion. Rooting in the depression won’t be a good start-up of the year. Therefore, you may consider inking a semicolon tattoo! The symbol that a writer may employ to show the continuity of the sentence. A symbol that holds significant importance for the person, who wears it, giving a hopeful memorandum for the people facing severe depression, self-harm, and mental health issues.

Why people opt for a Festive tattoo:

To enhance the charm, people are jumping to get the festive tattoo, to make it a lifetime memory people prefer imprinting it for the good. Christmas is the day of happiness, where you see many presents underneath the Christmas tree. You can enjoy it more than ever before, by honoring your body with the versatile and festive Christmas tattoos like imprinting a snow globe, Santa, Christmas nest, Christmas tree, etc. moreover inking a special quote or phrase in your body will be an excellent idea. Though people who have lost something precious or are in utter grieve should always prefer a semicolon tattoo, a peaceful symbol reassuring them to start a new journey that will bring lifetime happiness and rewards.

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Top semicolon tattoo designs 2020

Check out the top and latest Semicolon tattoo design that is inspirational and will make a statement for all the people struggling with depression or are going through the tough phase of life. This compilation of a unique semicolon tattoo can be drawn anywhere from wrist to finger to arms.

Butterfly Semicolon tattoos

If you have watched a butterfly semicolon tattoo and wondering what could be the possible reasons or meaning behind it then the wearer of the tattoo could be a grammar Greek or it could have a much deeper meaning it is better to start a conversation to know the real cause of the tattoo drawn. Arrow semicolon tattoos can also hold a significant meaning. Have a look at some cool designs.

Butterfly Semicolon tattoos

Semicolon cross tattoo

Christian survivors are more likely to incorporate a cross symbol with semicolons to represent how Jesus Christ saved them from committing a sin. This is also a great way to reaffirm the Christian’s faith in God and thanking him for pulling someone out of depression. Cross tattoos and semicolon tattoos collectively make tattoos more meaningful and that ultimately helps to bring positive vibes back in life.

Semicolon cross tattoo

Cat Semicolon tattoos

Cat semicolon tattoos are the most adorable ones. Having such tattoos on the wrist, or ankle is a great way to tribute your furry friends who remained with you through dark times. Moreover, in Celtic and Japanese mythology it represents the guardian of underwater. Cat tattoos are also synonymous with transformation, wandering spirit, independence, mystery. Therefore, people love incorporating a semicolon tattoo into a cat tattoo to make the overall tattoo more adorable and symbolic.

Cat Semicolon tattoos

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Watercolor Semicolon Tattoos

These cool looking tattoos mimic the watercolor painting – a special form of painting where instead of oil-water is used to thin out the pigment. Watercolor tattoos are gaining importance from the past few years as they look classy and make your skin still wet. The tattoo is perfect for the free-spirit or non-traditional people. Make sure to choose an artist who can justify the design you choose for yourself.

Watercolor Semicolon Tattoos

Heartbeat semicolon tattoos

Semicolon Heart tattoos could be more meaningful and beautiful depending upon what part of the body tattoo is drawn. If a semicolon heart tattoo is drawn on the wrist it could mean that the person is available to discuss the mental struggle he or she went through. It is an outdated thought that only bookworms will get this tattoo inked in their body. People can have it inked to show hope or optimism and most importantly to honor those people that stick with you and brought you from an eternal slump and brought a new hope of life.

Heartbeat semicolon tattoos

Semicolon Dragonfly tattoo

Add a nature-inspired element to a semicolon tattoo to embrace a new journey and to welcome joy, inner strength, and bravery. It is perfect for those who have bounced back from the severe depression or suicidal attempts and have found a new piece in life. You can ink it in various designs and colors as it looks adorable in every size and shape. Check out these following versatile designs.

Semicolon Dragonfly tattoo


A Semi Colon tattoo is generally inked behind the ear or ankle or everywhere even at the side of your finger to bring back the positive energy to your life. The little yet meaningful tattoo has been gaining progressive fame over the past some years. The meaning of the semicolon tattoo is dependent upon the ideology of the wearer, a place where the tattoo is inked but most of the time it oozes positivity. If you are interested in knowing the meaning of a tattoo, you can simply start the conversation to ask for the exact meaning or why they had it on their body.


What does it mean to have a semicolon on your wrist?

The meaning of Semicolon tattoo on the wrist represents that a person has battled depression and can open up for a discussion to tell other people how he restored hope in life; Amy’s semicolon project also reinforces the idea of having a semicolon tattoo on the wrist.
Should I get a semicolon tattoo?

There is no absurdity in getting a semicolon tattoo. Such tattoos are small in size yet rich in meaning. You can get it inked to show solidarity with people suffering from depression or self-harm.

Is a semicolon a symbol for depression?

The semicolon is not a symbol for depression but it represents that a person is a silent soldier who has defeated depression and is now embarking a new journey of life.

Where did the semicolon tattoo come from?

Amy Buel gave us the concept of a semicolon tattoo. She experienced pain more than she ever knew she could. After she lost her father to suicide, she founded a semicolon project where she urged to people have a semicolon tattoo on the wrist to spread awareness about mental health.

How much does it cost to have a semicolon tattoo?

Since most of the semicolon tattoos are small in size and can cost you as low as $30 to $50.

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