Top 5 Questions To Ask on a Call With California Psychics


Timing and your choice of words can make a difference when you find gifted psychic mediums online that you can communicate with by phone. If you’re accustomed to visiting a tarot card or palm reader in person, you’ll know that those exchanges rely on physical cues.

Communicating by phone, however, requires giving a psychic an opportunity to connect with you on a different level. Questions and responses often illustrate the root causes of your issues. The open-ended question suggestions outlined below provide some ideas for initiating the types of discussions that can help you get the answers you’re searching for.

1. How Could a Particular Person Further My Life Journey?

Instead of only asking if a certain individual is the one you should be with, also ask what stage you’re at in your life’s journey. The best love psychics understand the differences between soul mates and soul twins. Twins attract each other through passion or intense emotions. Their relationship serves to further a purpose, and when the outcome is achieved, they may go their separate ways. Soul mates, however, may stay together longer.

2. How Can I Resolve Disputes in a Positive Way?

When friends, relatives or associates overstep their boundaries, you may feel angry or let down. Whether someone asks for too many favors or a sibling “forgot” to pay you back once again, you may feel you’re being used. If you remain upset after these encounters, the negativity can interfere with your communication channels.  Speaking with a psychic can help you find your center and regain your balance before your next interaction.

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3. How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Me?

Every few months, the planet Mercury appears to travel backward, which is known as Mercury Retrograde. During this time, communications and technology seem to go haywire depending on how other planets are lined up. By consulting a free natal chart, you can find your ruling house in the sky and learn how planets in motion could be influencing you. This could be especially helpful during a planetary retrograde.

4. How May I Flourish in My Job or Career?

Careers portrayed in the media often appear glamorous and rewarding, but they usually don’t reflect reality. Finding a “good” job may mean working with colleagues who share the same values or belief systems as you, (juneauempire)even if the work itself seems mundane. Experienced psychic mediums can analyze your current position or job search strategy and help you determine if you’re on the best path.

5. How Can I Stop Feeling Drained by Negativity?

The increased tension and anxiety that can accompany staying on track in life can often feel draining. It can take its toll on you, emotionally and physically. If you find that you’ve been neglecting your self-care, a psychic can help you tap into your subconscious and discover if something from your past is holding you back. Moving forward may be as simple as forgiving yourself or letting go of a nagging memory.

The gifted psychic mediums online sources help you connect with can assist you in your search for solutions by responding to your open-ended questions. Gather up your thoughts and feelings, then make the call and ask about those areas of your life you want to improve.