‘Bachelor in Paradise’ controversy with complete details

A controversy that took place on the set of Bachelor in Paradise is discussed here with complete details. It was an all-time favorite television show of thousands. From the very first show Bachelor in Paradise made its way to the hearts of fans. The show has aired its 6 seasons till this date. With every new season, the ABC show is adding new twists. But on the set of Bachelor in Paradise season 4, something unexpected caught the eye of one member of the production team. From that, the incident converts into a controversy.

A controversy on showbiz is not an unusual thing. In fact, many of the television shows achieved popularity through the help of on-set controversies. Put short, the controversy took season 4 when it came to the knowledge of the fan that an investigation is in the process about an incident that took place on set.

Mainly, the incident and the investigation rose many questions about what did it happen, with whom it took place, and what is the future of the show after all this. The Hollywood Reporter highlights the details about the incident, which is being mentioned below. So, this post includes all the details about the controversy.

The Scene on set of Bachelor in Paradise, Sunday, 04 June (Investigation)

On 11th June, Warner Bros. declared that it has suspended further production of the season 4. The production house said, “We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico”. He further added, “We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”
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The Alleged Incident

The filming of the season was started on 04 June, at a resort in Sayulita, Mexico, where the alleged incident took place. It was said that a sexual encounter happened between two cast members who had been drinking. Corinne Olympios, 25, and DeMario Jackson, 30, were the two castmembers found in this encounter.

How the Incident was highlighted?

A member of the production – who suspected the misconduct – took the action accordingly. He reported the misconduct to his supervisor as Warner Bros. Still, it is unclear whether he witnessed the scene or he watched a tape of it. Actually, there was a tape of the misconduct which lead Warner Bros. open an investigation against the cast members involved. According to sources, despite the rumors, Olympia, 25, was seen lucid.

The Conclusion

Well, whenever an investigation takes place someone has to be blamed for wrong. But in the controversy of Bachelor in Paradise season 4, there were no strict actions taken. The show continued filming next episodes with strict policy. For the sake of investigation all 20 cast members and 25 crew members handed over their phones – by the way, all the phones were returned after completing the investigation.


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