Jenelle Evans revealed she wants to hear from MTV about ‘Teen Mom 2’ Return

Jenelle  Evans, who had been a part of ‘Teen Mom 2, revealed that she is waiting to hear from MTV whether she would be returning to the show or not.

Celebrities often contact with their fans through social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Jenelle was answering the question to her fans on Friday 20 September 2019. One of the admirers asked her that she would be joining school or get another job as she has been fired from teen mom 2 season last year.


She was fired from the job when the husband of Evan admitted to killing and shooting bulldog nugget. The incident had a severe impact on their life as couple lost the custody of their child. However, the children returned in April.

The reality TV star of ‘Teen Mom 2’ replied very humbly to her fan and said that she has always engaged her self to different jobs yet she still waits to hear something from her old job.

“I’ve always had other jobs besides MTV, so I’ve always been working,” she replied. “I also have a lot of open opportunities but waiting for answers from my old job’

However, a fan later asked for more clarification that what does mean to wait from the old job.’

Evans responded, MTV.’

She has even confessed that she has worked for MTV, but she was not getting paid for her work.

She said that we are delighted to have her kids back, they are the number one priority and this keeps us humble, and we are just trying to stay at home to make them happy.

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The couple even took classes to make their relationship better with each other and children.

“I did domestic violence courses and he did anger management. And we looked at a co-parenting class,” she told Us. “We know what’s unhealthy for a relationship and what’s healthy and how to co-parent better. The major issue is coparenting with the grandparents on both of our sides.”

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